What We Believe

We believe…

  • That the Lord Jesus Christ is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit, that He is, was, and forever shall be God, and that Jesus is the one mediator between man and God.
  • That Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, sacrificially died for our sins and paid our sin debt with His precious, incorruptible, and divine Blood, was resurrected, and now reigns victorious forevermore.
  • That Jesus wishes no one to perish, for He is love. Yet those who reject Him will perish in their sins.
  • That Jesus Christ will someday rapture His church, that we will meet Him in the air, and that a Great Tribulation period will then begin on earth.
  • That Jesus Christ will return again to earth and will set up His millennial Kingdom.
  • The Bible is inerrant and divinely inspired by God Almighty.Transparent Bible Study
  • The Bible is sufficient and authoritative as a complete guide to our daily living and the raising of our families.
  • That the King James is the only Bible for the English-speaking people of the world that is totally reliable and inerrant and that all other versions are either flawed or incomplete.
  • That those who trust in God and are saved will willingly live for and be obedient to His commandments.
  • That Christians must place their faith and trust in Jesus and His Word alone and not in a particular church or denomination.
  • That all who are saved are members of God’s Kingdom and should identify with a local, fundamental, Bible-believing church.
  • That the devil (Satan or Lucifer) has already been defeated and that his pitiful fate is sealed.
  • That God is infinitely more powerful than the devil and that Christian believers have nothing to fear in the devil, for they are under the complete protection and shield of the Most High God.
  • That it is God’s will that we strive and work diligently to protect our children from the devil and his evil plan to enslave and bring them into bondage.
  • In the Great Commission of Christ and, therefore, we encourage every believer to witness to and preach Jesus and the Gospel unceasingly to unbelievers, for this is a sign of the love God has instilled in our hearts.